Suitable for Startup Business Mid Sized Business Enterprise Business
Website Type CMS CMS CMS
Web Template 1 Option 1 Option 2 Options
Web Custom Template 2 Options 2 Options 3 Options
Design Revision 1 Allowed 2 Allowed 3 Allowed
No of Pages Up to 5 pages Up to 15 pages Up to 25 pages
Sliding Banner in Home Page Up to 2 images Up to 3 images Up to 5 images
Contact Form Integrated with Email
SEO Friendly Web
Social Media Link Setup
Domain/Hosting server
Additional Page US$20 US$15 US$15
Integration to Live server
CMS Training UP To 1 Hour UP To 3 Hour UP To 4 Hour
Free Support 15 Calendar Days 15 Calendar Days 15 Calendar Days
Time Duration (Business Days) 15 Days 20 Days
Note: Monthly website maintenance requests will be handled separately ENQUIRE NOW ENQUIRE NOW ENQUIRE NOW