Cloud Server Solutions

“Drona Infotech” has decided to empower all businesses by introducing their service of Cloud server. Are you getting complexity in cloud hosting by choosing other businesses? You are at the right place because our first intent is to eliminate all hurdles of cloud hosting and allow you to manage your business work faster and better.

A server that is built, hosted, and delivered by cloud computing through the internet is called a cloud server. So, if you are keen to supercharge your business website then come to us for cloud server solutions. Choosing us would be a great decision because your website is always secure and always gets real-time support from our technical team. Contact us now to get info related to our latest plans.

Big reasons why you need
Cloud Server?

  • Hardware work, IT Infrastructure, and storage are taking time and money. Cloud server aids businesses by handling all this to save your hefty income.
  • It guarantees to scale every company because it started with public and then private cloud to fulfil the needs of a business.
  • Data will never get stolen from the cloud and every team member in your company can access it from anywhere by an internet-connected device.
  • Cloud servers automatically take backup of your business data. Even if you don’t take backup then no worry data will be safe.

Why Drona Infotech for
Cloud Server Solution?

Team of Experts


The team has years of expertise in IT that can professionally set up Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon web service.

Next-Level Cloud Security


The company will provide iron-tight security so that no chance of data loss and your work remains in a safe zone.

Will Provide You Service Level Agreements


Drona infotech is providing the SLAs for the purpose of cloud registering and facilitating. It is even for the info stockpiling.

Floating IPs


The team will deploy the floating IPs where the customer can assign hosting from an IP address and that enables in building availability.